September 2018

London Flower Show

London’s passion for planting and produce comes alive on the world stage this Summer at the inaugural London Flower Show.

In September 2018 the London Flower Show will become the centre for a celebration of the UK's blooming and harvest season. For four days, show gardens, flower & produce displays, live entertainment, art installations and growing competitions will thrive and come alive, bringing together people from all walks of life in a convergence of the country’s best buds, bowers and flowers. 

The show will present works from the very best garden designers, industry experts and horticulturalists from across the country and around the globe, creating an event imbued with international flavour and cultural diversity. There are a host of ways for horticultural hobbyists, artisans, designers and makers to get involved in the show including the opportunity to compete for cash prizes in a plethora of horticultural competitions. 

The UK’s best garden artists will create live garden art installations to fascinate and inspire as they combine nature and artistry in the creation of open air artworks in a range of mediums. Children and families are warmly welcomed. Welcome to the London Flower Show - think global, grow local.

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Whether you are a garden designer, trader or interested in sponsorship opportunities there are so many ways for you to be involved in the London Flower Show.

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